“We look like the pair of chopsticks my mom would throw away, but we were perfect for each other” – Him

– Why would you say that?

-You’re 5’1 honey. I can rest my entire head on your head and you can’t even do anything.

To be able to have someone to sync with you in all ways; emotionally, mentally, physically.. Ain’t that a blessing.

To be able to have someone who is willing to cut and buff a piece of their ego so that they can be with you, and to have the honor to do the same with them, is a fucking blessing.

His aura of chestnut and all the pines in the woods combined lingers on my wrist the whole afternoon; and my whole life, too.  The soft shimmer from the LED I hung on the window shines through his hair like a halo. I lay there, admiring his timeless beauty as he plays with my tangled hair like petting a cat. I could feel my throat forming an extra vocal cord just to meow to fit the scenario. His hazel eyes sparkle like a pair of pearls in June’s sunlight, gazing into mine. I want to laugh and cry at the same time. I wonder why does his dark blonde curly hair is not considered a piece of art by renowned artists by now. There was no sound but our breaths. There was no light but his halo. There was no concept of time and space, when I’m with him.


There will always be that one person whose existence is a proof of why you should put faith in human rather than push them away.



It’s 11:30 pm after my long ass shift. It’s a hot summer night. I’m blessed;




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