You could have been dead, but you’re reading this.

If you had not put the laundry in the washer that morning you left to work, you would have been dead.

Matter of fact, well not really a fact since we still haven’t proven it yet, you ARE dead, in other universes; there are multiples causes of your death which you can never find out and never there to witness it. It would not make any sense.

The theory of Multiverse has baffled scientists for a couple of decades. We are so close to proving there are multiple universes exist paralleling ours. Like that astrophysicist who claimed the glow he found called “cosmic microwave background ” is residue from the previous universe, which then no one really cares. Or like that documentary on Netflix which no one watch called Particle.

If Multiverse and The Butterfly Effect is a religion, then fuck yes I’m the Lord’s sheep. Well, there is no Lord.

I grew up believing that all my decisions will somehow change the whole future in the universe I’m living in. I chose not to believe myself as an original version of myself, but only the secondary, and the infinity-th. For me, there is no original. We are all different versions of ourselves in other universes who constantly tries its best to believe we are unique.

YES, we are unique. The chance of the specific sperm to meet the egg at that right nanosecond of your conception is 1/6000000000. That’s a lot of zeros. The chance of you sitting there, reading this specific article written by a no name 19 years old is unmeasurable. All your decisions In the past leads to this exact moment.

Had it changed any second differently in the past, you’ll be dead. That’s why you have to make the right choice. BUT WHAT IS THE RIGHT CHOICE AND HOW DO YOU KNOW WHICH ONE IS?

There is no wrong choice.

Regardless, your other self in other universes is making the other choices and living the life (or are dead) of the path that choice had opened.

I have to tell you, with this in mind, I’m never afraid of facing death.

With this in mind, I have become mentally and physically stronger than ever.

No one up there is helping me, looking out for me, or listen to my prayers.

It was me all the time. “Me”s in the other lives which are occurring right now, at this moment, are helping me stronger in all the ways possible.

That’s what I think about the cliché “Believe in yourself” the whole time. Believe in your OTHER selves, who are living the lives you could never possibly imagined.

Because at the end of the day, the choice, is yours.



-It’s a hot day today, mom is sleeping, I was supposed to be doing homework for Cal 1- movies_the_butterfly_effect_055145_29



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  1. Even though this theory, to most people, makes about just as much sense as Donnie Darko – I’m totally on board. I wish more people thought this way. I think those open-minded enough of view the universe this way, are just at deeper level of understanding of the way the universe actually is.


    1. Donnie Darko is a masterpiece, right? 🙂

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      1. It really is – literally watched it 3 days ago haha

        Liked by 1 person

  2. You should watch Mr.Nobody. It’s my favorite movie ever. It depicts what I wrote entirely 🙂


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