“Go back to Nam!”

” Go back to Nam!”, shouted my ¬†friend’s friend, Alex, drunkenly, when I beat him in beer pong at a house party. My other friends, who are second generation Asian Americans, laughed out loud, enjoyably. Leaving the party 10 minutes later, I wonder when will this end and when will we stop this madness of humor when the root of racial discrimination not only exist among uneducated individuals but also in the mind of college students?

Racial discrimination is an endless topic. There will always be conflict and disagreement between races, which there should not be anymore. I used to think that someone above has flicked some color on some of us to see if we can live with each other or not. Sadly, not yet.

” I have a black friend, I’m not racist, stop saying I am!”. I can not remember how many times I have heard that. People have misunderstood (or more likely, never really know) what racism is. If you walked down the street of Brooklyn and asked random people what do they think about racism, I can assure you 9/10 would say “when you judge people based on their skin color”.

Is it right?

2%. If I really defined racism, you’ll see much more than just that.

You’re scrolling newsfeed, come across a racist post, and you choose to keep scrolling because it’s not about your race.

You’re sitting at the bus stop, a black guy come sits next to you, you move your butt further away, unconsciously.

You saw a Chinese character on a facebook post, tapped an Asian on the shoulder and ask :” What does this say?”

and you convince yourself, you’re not racist because you have a black friend, or as I saw on Humans of New York’s post, ” I held a door for a black guy”. Because you don’t see what we see.





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